From the outset, our aim was to present a game that sought to minimise the flaws we could find in other games of the MMORTS genre (of which we were fond). So we opted for:

  • the abandonment of "Pay-to-Win" monetisation, which is detrimental to the smooth running of games because it creates distortions within player communities,
  • the renunciation of advertising monetisation, which consists of exploiting the service's audience to generate revenue,
  • and the best possible involvement of the community that can be formed and the taking into account of their suggestions.

We also add our own personal touch, including:

  • by offering a scenario and universe that differ from pre-existing games,
  • and by introducing unusual interactions between players.

In the end, all of this maximises the fact of:

  • having fun!

So first and foremost, it is a project designed by gamers for gamers. But all this is just a pious promise formulated by the Arkedya team. The easiest way to convince yourself is to try the game for free.

  • Origin of the game


    A flash, and then it all begins: under the evening light, the game is born at the end of 2017 under the name Anthropya. Its storyline and main mechanics are imagined in the first few weeks.

  • Start of the development


    The development of the game is progressively getting underway in the early days of 2018.

  • Release of the prototype


    After long hours of work, the first version of the game, a kind of non-monetised prototype, is published. The main goal is to test the game's appeal and, in a collaborative mode, to gather opinions and ideas from current players.

  • Shutdown of the prototype


    Prototyping is stopped so that the team can concentrate on releasing a complete redesign of the game.

  • Change of the name


    The game is getting a makeover: the name Anthropya is replaced by Arkedya.

  • Launch of the beta test


    The beta test is open to all users who wish to test the game.

  • Release of the game


    The gates to the world of Arkedya are open to all adventurers. All players can now compete on the worlds.