Annex fields

Why annex?

Certain forests and mountains on the map, once annexed, can grant resource production bonuses to a city. These fields are commonly known as:

  • Fields to annex.
  • Points of interest.
  • Strategic points.

By annexing fields, you can consider mining specialisations for your city, or simply take advantage of bonuses passively.

Indicators on the map

These fields are indicated on the map by coloured dots at the top right of each tile. The colour is as follows:

  • White, when the field is not annexed by any player.
  • Green, when the field is annexed by you.
  • Blue, when the field is annexed by one of your allies.
  • Red, when the field is annexed by another player.


When the field is not annexed by anyone (i.e. with a white dot), animals can be found on it. They regenerate automatically every 4 hours up to a preset maximum.

How to annex?

To annex one of these fields, all the following conditions must be met:

  • The distance from the city must not exceed 5 tiles.
  • The maximum of 3 annexations per city must not be reached.
  • An attack operation must be sent from the city. This must be a victory against the animals present on the field, or against the player's units if the field is already annexed.

It is possible to withdraw an annexation from another city without annexing the field in question, so even if the sender city is more than 5 tiles away or already has 3 annexations. This behaviour allows an economic or attrition warfare.

It is strongly recommended to spy these fields before trying to annex them. A mass of animals could be there, and players could even protect them.

Once the field has been annexed, any victorious units that have been sent and survived are automatically placed in assistance. It is then possible to bring them back if necessary.