Release notes


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  • Some unnecessary tooltips are now disabled on devices with touch screens (in particular most mobile phones and tablets). This avoids the display of tooltips that provide no useful information to the user, and thus greatly improves usability on these devices. Most of these disabled tooltips are those associated with buttons that have an explicit icon.
  • Better versioning (management of different versions) of the application, especially on display.



  • Fixed a display bug in the tooltip for the order input field of each element sheet: in one specific case, the text indicating the duration (ending with duration:) was not correctly updated and therefore did not display.
  • Fixed a display bug in each element list: in one specific case, a left or right margin was unintentionally applied to the second or penultimate element respectively.


  • Some form URL addresses have been fixed. The user is not affected by this change, as he does not have to use these URL addresses manually.