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New features


  • Trade:
    • The trade is a way to easily exchange resources with other players and a minimum of constraints:
      • It works completely anonymously.
      • There are no travel or consumption requirements.
      • Resources are carried using an operation travel and automatically generated transport units:
        • Age 1: Conveyor.
        • Age 2: Wagon.
        • Age 3: Armoured Truck.
        • Age 4: Transport Ship.
        • Age 5: Transport Plane.
    • Energy cannot be exchanged.
    • Predefined exchange rates with a certain margin are set to limit exchanges:
      • Exchange rates:
        • Food and Wood: 4.
        • Stone and Coal: 3.
        • Iron and Copper: 2.
        • Silver and Gold: 1.
      • Margin factor: 1.5.
    • Market fees of 5% are charged for each transaction and cancellation.
    • The quantity of resources in an offer is limited by the level of the Business District (10,000 by default with an exponentiation base of 1.75):
      • Level 0: 0.
      • Level 1: 10,000.
      • Level 2: 18,000.
      • Level 3: 31,000.
      • Level 4: 54,000.
      • Level 5: 94,000.
      • ...
      • Level 10: 1,539,000.
      • ...
      • Level 20: 414,689,000.
    • From the new trade dialogue window, the player can:
      • Create his own offers in his city if he has the Business District at level 1 or higher. He can create 5 by default and per city (8 for the Pacificator), and every 4 levels of the Business District, an additional offer can be added.
      • Delete his own offers already created, in which case market fees apply.
      • Accept pre-existing offers if he has the Business District at level 1 or higher, in which case market fees apply.



  • Balancing of the spying operation:
    • It now takes 5 times as much power, instead of 4 times as much, for attackers to avoid any losses.
    • The citizen category is now visible before the resource category (making it the first), as it is less important.
    • Spying reports are no longer sent to the receiver and assistants when the spying is perfect, i.e. when the senders have not suffered any losses.
  • Images in element lists are now striped when current resources are insufficient to cover the cost of the element.
  • The visibility of buttons and icons indicating that the player is under attack has been improved: there is no longer a slight transparency.
  • The button used to open the main menu on the mobile phone now appears in a different colour when a message, operation report or notification is available in the mailbox.
  • The display of the operation travel bar has been improved.
  • The display and reactivity of the operation travel grid have been improved.
  • The display and reactivity of the sent and received assistance grid have been improved.
  • The display of spying reports in the mailbox has been improved.
  • The reactivity of the Adventurer account purchase with gold ingots has been improved.
  • The display of the API documentation is now more ergonomic on small screens.
  • The size of some buttons has been increased to make them easier to click on a touch screen.
  • Virtual keyboards no longer cover page content, but instead resize the window when they appear.


  • The size of the scrollbars has been increased and arrows have been added to them. This makes it easier to scroll using a touchpad.
  • Updated the style of the cookie deposit preferences modal window.
  • Updated translations.



  • The date display issue that was due to the current date being out of sync between server and client has been fixed. At times, if the game was left running in the background for too long, a longer remaining duration could be displayed (e.g. 000:01:35:22 instead of 000:00:05:22), even if this was correctly calculated by the server.
  • The regular expression checking the new name when renaming has been fixed. Consecutive words were incorrectly handled.
  • City groups were incorrectly updated when the Adventurer account was purchased with gold ingots: this issue has been fixed.
  • The vulnerability that allowed to upload an avatar larger than the maximum file size (just a few kilobytes) has been fixed.
  • The battle engine algorithm has been fixed: in some cases, it was possible that the attack sequence was incorrectly sorted.
  • A bug in the retrieval of operation report data has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed in the real-time reactivity at the end of an operation travel. At times, the player was notified when he should not have been, particularly in the case of a return when he was not the sender.
  • The bug that prevented a server-side operation from being processed in a specific case has been fixed.
  • The bug that prevented the game server in the beta test environment from running in parallel with the one in the production environment has been fixed.