Release notes


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New features


  • It is now possible to open several operation sending dialogue windows from field profiles. This feature provides a way to send operations more quickly and in a chain during large-scale military campaigns, after having meticulously prepared them beforehand.
  • Added a full-screen mode that can be enabled and disabled using the F11 key. This hides the game header and footer.
  • The Adventurer account offers two new features:
    • A taskbar listing open or minimised dialogue windows and drawers.
    • A minimisation button in each dialogue window.



  • Now, for a spying operation, only spying units can be selected and sent.
  • Better display of the operation sending component when the parent dialogue window is large.
  • Details of operation travels and assistances are no longer hidden when the respective grid is refreshed.
  • By clicking on the active field in the field drop-down menu (e.g. on the active city), it is centred and highlighted on the map.
  • Dialogue windows:
    • By double-clicking on the header, the dialogue window is either maximised or restored: the action depends on its current state.
    • The centring button has been removed, as it was of little interest.
    • Those maximised no longer hide the game header and footer.


  • Updated translations.



  • The stacking of dialogue windows and drawers is now intuitive. In some cases, when opening a dialogue window or drawer, those underneath could overlap differently.