Release notes


Version released on

New features

  • Redesign of the wiki:
    • Reorganisation of articles to make them easier to understand.
    • Improved existing articles.
    • Writing new articles on:
      • Factions.
      • Resources.
      • Elements (citizens, infrastructures, researches, units and defences).
      • Operations.
      • Field annexations.



  • Taskbar:
    • Larger display for easier clicking.
    • Clicking on an item in the taskbar now has a toggle effect:
      • If the item is associated with a dialogue window, the latter is minimised if it is already displayed, otherwise it is displayed.
      • If the item is associated with a drawer, the latter is closed if it is displayed.
  • Element lists in operation sending dialogue windows now have the same filtering state as the operation dialogue window (the one with the 3 tabs) when they are created.
  • Added confirmation modal windows for the following actions:
    • Deletion of a trade offer.
    • Cancellation of an operation travel.
    • Cancellation of an assistance.
    • Exclusion of a participant from a discussion.
  • The background of an item in a element list is now green when it has orders in progress.
  • Details of operation travels and assistances are hidden when these are cancelled.


  • For the "Use new browser tabs" button on the crossroads of worlds, two independent cookies are used instead of a single cookie:
    • One cookie when the services are launched from the progressive web application (PWA).
    • One cookie when the services are launched from a web browser.
  • Updated translations.
  • Code optimisation.
  • Search engine optimisation.



  • Adjustment of dialogue window positions in the event of overflow, especially when the game is switched to full-screen mode using the F11 key or when the screen is resized.


  • Fixed some minor display issues.